Michigan Sump Pump Installation

Backup Sump Pump Installation

DC Dedicated Plumbing helps protect Michigan resident homes from water damage, sump pumps pump away groundwater that would otherwise damage your foundation and flood your basement. When power outages occur, your sump pump doesn’t work and can wreak havoc on your home. The most effective way of preventing damage is with a sump pump battery backup system.

The installation of a sump pump backup system is often difficult requires support from an experienced plumber. For help installing your sump pump battery backup, call us at 586-960-4700.

Sump Pump Battery Back-Up Installation Cost

The costs of back-up sump pump installation depend on the type of installed pump, the pump volume, and installation complexity. We recommend requesting a job estimate online for the most accurate estimate. This allows us to obtain all the details of your specific sump pump and required backup system and provides you with the most accurate quote.

Professional Backup Sump Pump Installation

While it may seem expensive, a sump pump backup system is more like insurance for your home. Would you invest in a product that will prevent the costly damage to your home and contents of your basement as well as the headaches associated with it? Protect your home and receive peace of mind. Call us at 586-960-4700 to receive an estimate at the costs of installing a backup sump pump.

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